Banksy’s Merch Store Opens in London

Banksy’s Merch Store Opens in London

Still, you cannot buy any of the modern artworks as the doors remain closed.

Gross Domestic Product store opened in Croydon, but its doors remain closed for the customers. The infamously anonymous artist was forced to use his trademark following a conflict with a commercial company which tried to use his.

Banksy himself encourages people to ‘copy, borrow, steal and amend [his] art for amusement, academic research or activism’. He also advises to visit the showroom at night when the shop windows are well-lit. The artist dubs the exhibited merchandise as ‘impractical and offensive’. Wooden toy migrants with a lorry, a disco ball made of used police riot helmets, Tony the Tiger’s fur, and many other eccentric items are presented at the showroom.

At the recent Frieze art fair Banksy’s “Devolved Parliament” was sold for £9.9 million thus breaking Sotheby’s record.

Written by Polina Vorobyova
Translated by Tony Savosin

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