Японский художник Такаси Мураками рассказал о том, что его компания близка к банкротству - Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine

Японский художник Такаси Мураками рассказал о том, что его компания близка к банкротству

Японский художник Такаси Мураками находится на грани банкротства
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Известный японский художник Такаси Мураками объявил в своем Instagram-аккаунте, его компания и галерея современного искусства находятся на грани банкротства.
На протяжении последних 9 лет художник работал над проектом Jellyfish Eyes, производство которого пришлось приостановить из-за пандемии COVID-19.

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Yesterday, I posted a video about how things led to the discontinuation of the production of my feature film, Jellyfish Eyes Part 2, and received a variety of reactions. Some were of course condolences for the fact I had to abandon the project. Others were from puzzled people in the art market asking whether the artworks they have been waiting for would actually get produced, or what would happen to the values of my artwork. Artnet.com @artnet has also written up about it, expressing concerns. On the other hand, some have reached out with ideas and kind offers to explore the possibilities of keeping the production of the film going. All in all, I have received such tremendous reactions, which warms my heart. Thank you so much. There’s an idea I would like to share with you all here. It has to do with the question of what an artist’s job is. I, for one, believe that it has solely to do with how, after they are dead, they manage to leave behind works and a way of life that could be deemed as iconic of their era. As a Japanese artist, I was fortunate to be given a chance to make my debut in the Western art scene; the American art scene in particular welcomed me warmly. Several curators and critics kindly pushed my back, which allowed me to have exhibitions in museums, which in turn earned me enthusiastic fans, who were often racial minorities like myself. A lot of children visited my exhibitions as new museum audiences. I have truly been lucky. 👉 Continue

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Художник надеется, что его видеообращение, опубликованное в Instagram, поможет многим начинающим художникам избежать многих ошибок в ведении бизнеса.

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