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Makeup lifehacks by Lena Yasenkova

Лайфхаки макияжа от Лены Ясенковой
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Make-up lifehacjs by Lena Yasenkova Beauty blogger Lena Yasenkova talks about lifehacks and an innovative approach to make-up for the readers of Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine.

However many trends of makeup application there may be, I still believe that the main goal of using cosmetics is to help you be your beautiful natural self. Glossier, the brand that is pioneering a whole new approach to makeup, does this job brilliantly. It has created a decent product, facial tint. It should not be compared to foundations as it is a whole new thing. Tints are meant to give the skin a pleasant shade as opposed to masking imperfections. Obviously, in case of serious skin-related problems these products will not work. However, if your skin is cared about, and you just want to give it a shade depending on the time of the day, your location or other circumstances, a tint will be perfect.

Лайфхаки макияжа от Лены Ясенковой

Another high-quality product by the brand is their stretch concealer. It has got some tenderness, plasticity, and a thick structure to it. The product is perfect for masking skin imperfections.

If you have an innovational approach to makeup, I suggest you try applying a light foundation tint, and then a coloured one for your cheeks and lips, just to give them a nice shade. Should you have any slight imperfections, go ahead and use the concealer.

Лайфхаки макияжа от Лены Ясенковой
Color tint

For instance, first signs of ageing like tiny wrinkles should not be covered with a foundation. When it is applied it instantly sets on the skin and quickly gives away the age. A tint allows you to kill two birds with one stone: you give your skin a shade and mask the imperfections at the same time. And everything works perfectly.

Лайфхаки макияжа от Лены Ясенковой
Stretch Glossier

Tips for travellers

Autumn is the perfect travelling season. This is why I’m giving advice on staying in shape while on tour. I believe every makeup bag should contain indispensable makeup wipes. Please remember to apply any care products only after you fully clean your face. Frequent flyers should pack travel-size products for intensive moisturizing. Any makeup looks pretty on a well-moisturized skin. I advise to pack a well-tested saving foundation. Should you go to a hot climate country planning to sunbathe, pack the same foundation of a darker shade so that you could mix it with your current foundation.

I suggest you don’t pack a lot of makeup. Pick the most trusted products to keep your skin safe from any eventual reactions to previously unexperienced conditions. If you don’t want to pack rouge, you might as well use a bright lipstick. For example, Yves Saint Laurent shade 22 makes everyone look fresher and suits practically everybody. Apply it on your lips and cheeks with a finger. This way you can have a juicy lipstick and rouge. A single shade on the cheeks and lips adds to the harmony. Correctly picked rouge gives your face freshness and a healthy look.

Лайфхаки макияжа от Лены Ясенковой
Yves Saint Laurent

Those who prefer bright looks should pack the ever-popular red lipstick.

Mascara can also be a multi-purpose product. You may apply it both on your eyelashes and eyebrows. Then fluff them up with a light touch. To see how it’s done correctly follow me on Instagram @yasenkovajustforfun. By the way, there are many other nice little pieces of advice and lifehacks on my page.

One more thing. Pack a Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage palette for all types of eye makeup, it suits any possible region, and a stick cream highlighter — a little tube is handy for applying the product.

Лайфхаки макияжа от Лены Ясенковой
Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage

Avoid glass jars and keep the containers closed. It’s better to pack the makeup in another plastic bag not to stain your belongings. Under pressure containers may leak, especially on board a plane.
While packing up save the space in your bag. Always take care about your back.

Автор: Елена Ясенкова

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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