Mirages and oases: Zuhair Murad fall/winter 2019-20 couture collection - Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine

Mirages and oases: Zuhair Murad fall/winter 2019-20 couture collection

Миражи и оазис: Zuhair Murad fall/winter 2019-20 couture collection
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Lebanon’s Zuhair Murad presents a revival of charming Oriental fairy tales.

Zuhair Murad’s winter collection was inspired by 1970s, café society, and journeys across Northern Africa. Straight long dresses and capes reference traditional djellabas commonly worn in Marrakech. Decorated belts were showcased wrapped around slim-fit silk muslin, duchess satin, and silk taffeta dresses. The designer’s know-how has been inspired by African women. The collection revolves around paisley pattern, patterns of Moroccan carpets, and reimagined turbans which go perfectly together with couture dresses.

The collection’s deep colours remind about Oriental bazaars and palaces. Fabrics are finished in shades of henna, saffron, amber, pomegranate, amaranth pink, gold, and emerald, all of which are common in the East. The blend of ethnic details and modern trends gave birth to clothes that look like incarnated Oriental fairy tales: bustier dresses with off-shoulder cuts, traditional sleeves and shoulders decorated with feathers, and onesies embroiled with geometric patterns which practically create an optical illusion. Please note the dress with a contrasting skirt decorated with carpet-like patterns, and the wedding dress studded with beads and crystals.

The heroine of Zuhair Murad’s collection finds a perfect balance between modernity and the ancient culture. She respects traditional crafts and natural beauty, but still belongs to today’s world.

Written by Polina Vorobyova
Translated by Tony Savosin

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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