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New jazz age: Ralph & Russo haute couture collection

Новая эпоха джаза: коллекция haute couture Ralph & Russo
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At the Paris Fashion Week the duo of Tamara Raplh and Michael Russo made a show styled like a 1930’s outdoor party.

A tall 90 metre-long catwalk was placed in the garden of the British embassy next to Palais de l’Élysée. The show started off with a range of luxurious styles: young ladies with pearl necklaces and parted hair showcased trouser suits decorated with beads and pearls and dresses finished with beaded thrum ends, mink fur, and crystals. Later on the collection transitioned to impressionist pastel shades and soft textures, and later on to bright colours and sparkling textures. The designers were inspired by the aesthetics of art deco, the jazz age, Erte’s artworks, and especially the latter’s “Les Bijoux de Perles”. The collection also contains styles covered with transfluent crystals and see-through fabrics decorated with light flower-shaped applications and marabou feathers.

This season Ralph & Russo do not solely focus on their loyal fans as their clients have got younger and able to wear couture daily without a certain occasion. As Tamara Ralph puts it, today’s young ladies may easily replace a jacket or a skirt from their favourite ensemble and make it casual. This is why tender tweed ensembles designed to be worn with flat shoes of a matching colour were presented just as masterfully as light dresses.

The show ended with a display of couture dresses appropriate for red carpets and summer weddings. Ralph & Russo never repeat themselves while still catering to their loyal customers and interpreting seasonal trends.

Written by Polina Vorobyova
Translated by Tony Savosin

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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