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Winch Design And Thomas Mercer Reveal The Nautilus Marine Chronometer

Студия Winch Design и мануфактура Thomas Mercer представили новый хронометр Nautilus
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Winch Design and Thomas Mercer Reveal the Nautilus Marine Chronometer, design of this beautiful piece of art is inspired by nature. Crystal sculpture in the form of a mollusk-nautilus spiral shell made in the Czech Republic by using Bohemian Crystal and employing the services of Crystal Caviar, standing 82cm tall, 61cm wide, and 15cm deep, and weighing a staggering 105 kilos.

Initially, the designers conceived to make it out of precious woods, but in the process, they realized that the transparency of immaculate glass coupled with natural light would give the marine chronometer visual ease, and bring the idea into life. The deep ultramarine color of the shell creates the illusion that the eye penetrates into the depths of the ocean, where priceless treasures are hidden. The functions of the Winch Design Thomas Mercer Nautilus Chronometer are many and various. These include a perpetual calendar (date, month, and leap year), the ability to show the difference between solar and ‘Earth’ time, and a 3D moon phase that also counts the age of the moon as it moves through its 29 day, 44 minute, and 2.8 second cycle.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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