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Bavarian osteopathy in Moscow

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In this modern world with its hectic rhythm, unforgiving competition, temptations and hazards even the healthiest people get increasingly stressed out and tired. Long office hours, traffic congestions, and flights mean minimal motion and stagnation. Add the aggressive environment of a large city into the mix, and you get the most common diseases of the develop world. These factors may aggravate chronic diseases and undermine the quality of life and its expectancy in large cities.

Headaches, back and neck aches, aching limbs, muscle spasms, sleep deficiency, fatigability, and little motion are among the long list of complaints city dwellers usually report to osteopaths.

At the first appointment the doctor examines the patient’s case history and all related documents. The treatment begins with manual diagnostics to detect any internal muscle and tendon strain, venous stasis, and other pathologies of bones and skin or internal organs.

Korbinian Kohout, graduate of the Academy of Physiotherapists of Rottalmŭnster in Germany, who has worked over 10 years at Klinik Johannesbad in Bad-Fŭssing in Germany; member of BVO – Bundesverband Osteopatie (Ostepathic Society of Germany)

After the manual diagnostics the osteopath applies special treatments strictly following instructions to relieve the patient’s pain and suffering.

Osteopathic treatment is safe, painless, and doesn’t require any medication or lengthy courses (the entire course consists of 4 to 10 sessions with week-long intervals). However, it’s important to remember that osteopathy is not a cure-all, and with all of its efficiency it may only be regarded as an addition to the main treatment. An osteopath always works in close cooperation with specialists who provide recommendations for the course and evaluate the chances of a successful treatment.

in a few weeks’ time — sometimes even after the first session — pain, spasms, and the discomfort fade away, flexibility of the vertebra and the joints improve while the patients generally feel better.

Osteopath’s services have a proven effect for the following conditions:

  • Aching knees, shoulders, and hip joints
  • Neck ache (cervicalgia); backache
  • Headache, migraine, tooth-grinding during sleep (bruxism)
  • Digestion problems, heartburn, intestinal spasm
  • Post-traumatic conditions, post-operational or postpartum recovery
  • Nasal cavity inflammation (sinusitis), buzzing in the ears
  • Sleep deficiency; fatigability
  • Hip pain, chronic bladder or prostate diseases

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Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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