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Fern Flower: Prada 2020 spring collection

Цветок папоротника: весенняя коллекция Prada 2020
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At Milan Fashion Week Prada decorated their conservative fashion collection with fern patterns.

The century-old Italian fashion house chose a busy romantic young lady as the theme for their collection as opposed to the princesses picked by Azzaro and Elle Saab. Prada’s heroine needs both dresses for important events and comfortable working outfits. The collection’s main accessory is the soft fisherman’s Panama hat with a bent edge that has been in fashion for quite a while now.

Prada’s fashionable women’s clothes are usually finished in a reserved cold palette, made of light fabrics and wool, and offer original loafers. The house added some magic and fairy-tale spirits to almost every piece of their collection: the flowy dresses, skirts, and overcoats contain fern patterns. On some pieces it is embroidered or applied, while on others it shines through in the velvet “ribs”.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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