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Moscow Fashion Week kicks off

В Москве начинается неделя моды
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114 designers, 52 shows, space wear, and a performance by ARTIS GALLERY: Moscow welcomes Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia that will take place between 15 and 19 of October.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia has been the key fashion event in Russia and Eastern Europe in general since 2011 when it replaced the popular Russian Fashion Week, In 2019 the event will include 52 shows by 114 designers, 10 presentations, and a performance by ARTIS PROJECT who are inviting the guests to take a new look at conscious consumption and eco-friendly production of clothes.

Many fashion houses are set to support eco-friendly production as well as the trend of inviting older models to take part in the shows. Eight houses have included participants of “Moscow Longevity” programme in their lists. Back at last spring’s fashion week several houses supported this trend; and Yana Minochkina turned her models of an older age into real femmes fatales. MAD DAISY MOSCOW brand specialising in women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories, has partnered with Tretyakov Gallery to create a collection called “Alopetianka” dedicated to people with alopecia. The collection inspired by Russian avant-garde artist Natalia Goncharova will preserve the brand’s trademark features: roomy silhouettes, a refined style, and natural fabrics. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will include the Russian premiere of a unique hi-tech clothing line called ROBOT.FEDOR by Alpha Robotics Venture. The capsule will represent ARV’s vision of the future. The patterns on the clothes are made with paint containing real stardust.

В Москве начинается неделя моды
Moscow Fashion Week kicks off

As usual, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is set to be a multi-national event. The Global Talents programme will include collections made by 10 young and aspiring designers from 9 countries. The guests will be able to see presentations of Sardinian corner shops, shows by seven local designers, a collaboration of La Redoute and the winner of Andam international award, Christelle Kocher, EXPATS COLLECTIVE, the duo from St. Petersburg and San Francisco, and many other exciting features.

Written by Polina Vorobyova
Translated by Tony Savosin

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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