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Stella McCartney launches a clothing line dedicated to The Beatles

Стелла Маккартни выпустила коллекцию одежды, посвященную творчеству The Beatles
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Colourful male, female, and children’s clothes with quotes and images from the great quartet’s songs have been inspired by the Yellow Submarine cartoon.

Stella McCartney’s brand has launched a capsule collection titled ‘All Together Now’. The Beatles — including Stella’s father, Paul McCartney — have become the main characters of the collection.

The line revolves around the slogan ‘All Together Now’ embroiled in different languages. Many items include printed quotes from famous songs, such as ‘love, love, love’ and ‘all you need is love’ as well as images from the cartoon. The designer says the collection has been inspired by the great Liverpool four’s recently digitalized cartoon. Stella brought her family to the premiere. The very relevant idea of uniting people is the leitmotif of the collection.

According to the principles of Stella McCartney’s brand all of the items are made of organic and recycled cotton, cashmere, and ‘eco-fur’ otherwise known as Econyl (secondary nylon). The use of environmentally friendly materials is the new trend.

Spring of 2019 was highlighted by Ralph Lauren’s polo shirts made of plastic retrieved from oceans.

‘All Together Now’ collection items cost between £360 for a T-shirt with the logo and £1,925 for an eco-fur coat with a frame from ‘Yellow Submarine’ printed on the back. The capsule has been integrated into the fall/winter 2019 collection by Stella McCartney. The first celebrities to have donned the items are Billie Eilish who showcased the new line at Glastonbury on June 30, Ellie Goulding, Aquafina, and Diplo. Since July 9 the clothes have been available at the brand’s boutiques and website.

Written by Polina Vorobyova
Translated by Tony Savosin

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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