TSCH brand presented a new collection 'Amour et Revolution' - Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine

TSCH brand presented a new collection ‘Amour et Revolution’

Бренд TSCH представил новую коллекцию “Amour et Revolution”
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Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine presents new TSCH collection ‘Amour et Revolution’

The third collection of the Russian streetwear brand TSCH ‘Amour et Revolution’ is clothing at the intersection of street subculture and contemporary art.

They say difficult times are an excellent period for the manifestation of fantasy. It happened during the creation of the second TSCH collection, which was during the pandemic.

The situation in the world, especially in the fashion industry, has led to widespread digitalization. Global technological changes in recent years and even months have blurred the boundaries between ‘live’ and ‘digital’, between on and offline. Digital influencers, VR, cryptocurrencies, esports, and entire universes of video games and social media make up a new world. It is often impossible to determine what is real and what is not, and is it necessary to separate these two worlds at all?

The modern reality is changing every second, and the task of design, among other things, is to reflect the current issue.

The main idea behind the technical implementation of the lookbook is mixing the real with the virtual. Models in digital clothes pose against the background of virtual walls and asphalt that mimic streets as much as possible. The interpenetration of two worlds transforms reality and creates a new universe, where both realities exist in close symbiosis, just as it happens in real life.

Никита кукушкин актер Бренд TSCH Amour et Revolution
Actor Nikita Kukushkin

Friends of the TSCH brand took part in the shooting by Eric Panov with the main character of the lookbook, charismatic actor Nikita Kukushkin.

“Working with TSCH was very easy and effortless. I immediately felt that they are burning with what they do. They are not afraid to try new formats and keep up with the times, and perhaps even be ahead of everyone”.

The process of working on the digital lookbook for Amour et Revolution took place in several stages: first, digital patterns of the collection were created, then avatars (characters corresponding to the parameters of the models). Next – posing and skinning, as a result of which the clothes were “tied” to the avatar. After that, the 3D designer worked through all the details of the new collection, brought together 3D and 2D images, and added graphic elements and video effects.

The collection includes a hoodie with the words “Love and Peace”, a cropped cotton hoodie, long sleeve with neon print, loose-fitting trousers, as well as accessories – a black panama in the style of the 1990s and a staple scarf created in collaboration with “Russian Post.”

Why is the collection called “Love and Revolution”?

“During the period of modern turbulence, the world changes every second.
Each of us daily faces obstacles, overcomes them, re-evaluates values ​​, and forms our own. Self-expression, as an integral part of the personality, is enclosed in a unique form of an internal Revolution. And for each person it is special,” – the creators of the brand, Sergey Chemezov, and Thomas Schlosser, comment: “TSCH Revolution is not a protest, but a transformation and manifesto. It would be right to ask: “Not against, but for what? What drives us, and why are all revolutions born?” TSCH Amour is a fundamental part of the creative personality, and it has an infinite number of forms: towards itself, towards its surroundings, towards the world in general. In our collection, we would like to remind people once again that a great creative force is in each of us.”

The entire collection will be available for purchase on the website and on the official Instagram from October 12, 2020.

Anastasia Zhukova
Anastasia Zhukova
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