Vhernier celebrates the calla's 20-year anniversary. The refined beauty of a single element - Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine

Vhernier celebrates the calla’s 20-year anniversary. The refined beauty of a single element

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VHERNIER is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the Calla, one of the brand’s symbols. Two decades of confirmed success for this iconic jewel with a poetic name and essential design, beloved by an international audience that, year after year, appreciates its contemporaneity.

Born in 1999, the Calla is the result of research that, as often happens with Vhernier, originated with a purely intellectual project. The initial intent was that of creating a unique piece, a strong identity that could be repeated without changes to compose different pieces, from necklaces to earrings, from pendants to bracelets.

It’s an ancestral shape, that seems to be already imprinted into our collective memories.
From this element, complete in itself, the first necklace was born, a jewel with an iconic strength to it: modern and timeless. The evolution was natural: a pendant and then earrings, with their own essential and refined presence, were born.

Unconventional ebony.
Calla also owes its great success to its choice of materials such as ebony, a very valuable hard wood, which in VHERNIER is carved by the same artisans who handle gold. The intense black colour of the ebony, when set beside rose gold, produces a fascinating visual shock effect. This was a truly non-conformist choice and for this very reason it fits entirely into the House’s style since VHERNIER adores taking paths less travelled. In addition to its aesthetic impact, ebony has the advantage of being light, bestowing greater portability to the jewel, tactile and sensual in its contact with the skin. 

The game of experimentation.
Calla is surely the line on which VHERNIER has most played with materials, colours, and dimensions.
From rose gold, to white gold, to titanium. From ebony to white and black diamond pavés.
And also, onyx , turquoise, kogolong, lapis, …
in these twenty years, 54 variations of the necklace and 98 versions of the pendant have been made.
A story of endless beauty.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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