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Alexandra Roos: how to choose and apply selective fragrances correctly

In the wood for love
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This season ROOS&ROOS French perfume house is presenting its new floral fragrance titled In The Wood For Love inspired by Wong Kar-Wai’s film. Alexandra Roos, the woman behind the brand, speaks about how to avoid mistakes while choosing and applying selective fragrances.

Chantal and Alexandra Roos create fragrances like great books: every flask contains a different story about real women: happy, unique, appealing, strong, and unforgettable female characters. Just like books, these fragrances are meant to be collected. Anyone would want to feel and apply them over and over again selecting certain notes according to the mood or the occasion. As the mother and daughter duo say the fragrance was inspired by the film titled ‘In The Mood For Love’, a story of passion sparkled between a man and a woman.



“We wanted to create the effect of a play in the woods where one could hide and suddenly reappear <…> real women who are capable of keeping an intrigue alive, being unexpected are well aware of the rules of games like this <…> it’s akin to the game of love” Alexandra Roos comments.

The new fragrance has fresh notes of bergamot and clementine which combine marvelously with wooden shades of cedar and patchouli. This is a perfect choice for a woman who is able to make a man’s imagination run wild and to awaken the real passion. The difficulty is, it is much more complicated to choose and wear selective fragrances than mass-market aromas. The fragrance is your final accent which is supposed to draw attention, provoke interest, and create an intrigue. However, only a handful of people today are able to apply fragrances correctly so that it would work as an aphrodisiac and attract attention instead of pushing people away” Alexandra adds.

The fragrance has three levels: the head, the heart, and the base, all of which come through one by one. Only upon the three components opening up one may judge whether the fragrance is suitable for them. Selective fragrances stay on for 6 to 8 hours, however your receptors adapt within thirty minutes, and you don’t feel the aroma as sharply. That is why it is not correct to judge a fragrance by either upon applying or smelling it a few hours later. A perfume should be felt within the first thirty minutes. Please remember that human chemistry may change the aroma that is why it is still necessary to try it on in order to judge it.

Selective fragrances are always interesting and multi-component. You may create your very own aroma by mixing two fragrances of the same brand and achieving a fantastic combination. However, when it comes to fragrances of different brands might not be a good idea. Every perfume house uses its own raw materials and unique technologies. This means that alcohol and oil proportions will be different as well.

Selective fragrances normally have a higher concentration of oils than mass-market aromas which is why they shouldn’t be applied on clothes. Your outfit might be hopelessly ruined. Spray the fragrance on your skin and your hair instead. Some believe fragrances withstand any environment However, this is not the case. One should be responsible in storing them. Ether oils are very sensitive to heat and light. Fragrances should be stored at room temperature inside their original packages which protect them from direct sunlight.

One more piece of advice from Alexandra Roos: fragrances are the best memory catalysts. Pack your favourite fragrances going to long trips; choose new aromas for memorable events. This way every time you feel the aroma will take you to a special place and time.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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