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Zhukoffka Plaza Trade House

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Zhukoffka Plaza Trade House is proud to offer a collection of rare fragrances brought in from far corners of the world and personally selected by our flavourists. Even the most demanding customers may find a new perfume among the collection of subtle, attractive, and most importantly very personal aromas.

Perhaps the most unique brand in the trade house’s collection is Bruno Acampora, an Italian company which produces perfumes with essential oils. Bruno Acampora’s aluminium flasks make sure the oils will stay fresh for a long time. The original light-proof and air-tight packaging preserve the outstanding fragrances.

The brand’s history adds to its uniqueness.

Bruno Acampora, the brand’s founder, comes from one of the oldest families in the city of Naples. Back in the 1960s Bruno got acquainted with Andy Warhol at one of New York’s most popular clubs, Studio 54. Shortly afterwards he created his first fragrance called MUSC and was promptly nicknamed ‘perfumer’. The creation quickly got popular among New York’s upper crust of the sixties. Bruno did not stop there and went on to create BLU, IRANZOL, JASMIN, SBALLO, PRIMA-T, and SEPLASIA.

The company is currently managed by Bruno’s son Brunello Acampora. Despite the new generation being in charge the fragrance formula remains the same.

The brand allows layering essential oils to create truly unique and strictly individual aromas; a fragrance which would be yours and yours only.

Zhukoffka Plaza is the only official reseller of Bruno Acampora brand in Moscow.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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