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Bvlgari create a silver pendant to support Save The Children

Bvlgari создали серебряный кулон в поддержку организации Save the Children
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Bvlgari fans may extend their collections and help children across the world.

In 2019 the international organization Save The Children is celebrating their 100th anniversary. Their patrons believe the society is wrong in thinking that helping kids is expensive. Even the smallest donation can help someone. The Roman jewelry brand Bvlgari has been cooperating with the organization for the past ten years. This time they decided to celebrate two anniversaries at once by designing a new special collection dedicated to the charity foundation. The line is highlighted by a sterling silver onyx-studded pendant. The iconic black gem disc is enclosed in a frame decorated with the logos of Bvlgari and Save The Children and a Mozambique ruby. The item is worth €750 out of which €75 will go directly to the foundation.

Поклонники Bvlgari смогут пополнить свою ювелирную коллекцию и помочь детям со всего мира.

Bvlgari masters have previously created a ring, a bracelet, and a pendant within B.zero1 line dedicated to the charity foundation. The sales raised $90 mil. Next year the Italian brand plans to raise $100 mil for charity.

Till November 3, 2019, you may learn about the brand’s history at their exhibition titled “The Story. The Dream”. Two spaces at St. Angel castle and Palazzo Venezia tell the story of the world-famous luxury family trade evolution.

Written by Polina Vorobyova
Translated by Tony Savosin

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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