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Successful changes and how to achieve the

Анна Сарматина
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The phrase ‘successful changes’ itself sounds somewhat provocative, and many — especially skeptics — would consider it vague and dubious, and rightfully so. Just think of all the proverbs and prejudices are based on the negative experience of many generations before us like “temptations are like tramps — let one in and he returns with all of his friends”, “people never change”, or “don’t mess with success”.

However, we the modern-day successful people do not want to limit ourselves with these limiting prejudices. We want to move forward, develop, reach new goals, and conquer new places. The acknowledgement of necessary changes and the quest for new opportunities pushes us out of the comfort zone towards changes, and this path is never easy. Even if the changes are driven by objective reasons like the fact that excessive weight causes health problems besides affecting the quality of life, the process might struggle to kick off. Why does this happen? Why does the body fight back? Why does the subconscious mind not let us achieve our rightful and beneficial goals like becoming more athletic or changing something about our lives to feel happier and more harmonious?

Any pattern makes reality simpler. A sequence of steps will help to walk this path with pleasure, minimal losses, and the desired result.

Here is the plan:

Step #1: Acknowledge the necessity of changes

Step #2: desire to change: willpower and a strong motivation to form new habits that in turn will lead to the desired effect

Step #3: choosing the way to achieve the results

Step #4: forming new skills and habits

Step #5: repeating and anchoring the newly formed skills and habits

It is important to follow the plan step by step.

In conclusion I would like to remind you that energy follows attention. Focus on what you want to change, think positively, visualize the better version of yourself, and the results will be coming soon. Best of luck!

Anna Sarmatina
Change management consultant

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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