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The gentle charm of true luxury

Мягкое обаяние подлинной роскоши
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Autumn 2019 interior design trends explained by AE Details managing partner Anna Ervald

A cosy and enveloping space finished with velvet shades is all we need this autumn. Next season’s trend is formed by the merger of romanticism and brutalism, the symbiosis of nature and science, and a harmonic combination of the energy of light and the elegance of shapes. Architects create buildings that shape future urban landscapes, and Anna Erwald has drafted a list of companies that shape the modern design for Beautiful Lifestyle.

In an aspiration to underline the luxury of products the leading designers emphasise natural textures. This way Milan-based Henge factory traditionally prefers furniture made of high-quality materials. Thanks to their own processing technique gemstones look authentic. Thermally modified eucalyptus is aesthetically pleasing while genuine leather and nubuck emphasise the status of the product.

AE Details Анны Эрвальд
Urchin Chandelier

For several seasons brass has been heavily used in finishing works. A lot of attention is paid to the quality of polishing; no chemicals must be used in its process. Hand-made products are a sign of good taste. England-based Porta Romana factory, also referred to as “the factory of light”, makes true artworks that always attract everyone’s attention. Every lamp they make is hand-crafted at their factory outside London. The brand has recently launched Urchin Chandelier, a masterpiece shaped like a chestnut seed.

Give your interior a touch of luxury and extra comfort. We have recently discovered an Italian brand called Black Tie. “Exquisiteness equals experience” is the motto of the designer Pier Luigi Frighetto. The first sofa he made back in 1977 is still in the catalogues. Every item considered a pinnacle of lounge furniture is personally supervised by the brand founder. Every sofa has it passport and lifelong warranty.

Anna Ervald
Partner AE Details
Instagram @aedetails

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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