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Dior Carnival

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On May 12 Dior gathered stars at Tiepolo charity night for the occasion of the Venice Biennale opening.

Christian Dior hosted a luxurious Tiepolo masquerade that mimics one of the main events of the Venetian carnival at Palazzo Labia. The main theme was based on the art of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo who loved depicting an endless feast of life and carnival that spreads from private houses onto the city’s squares and back. The guests were supposed to adhere to the night’s theme and make their costumes in advance. Many guests added masks and long overalls to their outfits. Palace halls were decorated with roses and peonies while the catering was mostly made of Italian cuisine. The night ended with dancing and theatrical performances.

The carnival gathered many Russian and foreign stars including Tilda Swinton, Monica Bellucci alongside her significant other Nicholas Lefevre, Karlie Kloss, Siena Miller, Daria Zhukova, Polina Askeri, and many others. All the proceeds will be used to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Venice.

Christian Dior’s night was homage to another event held at Palazzo Labia in 1951, “The Ball of The Century”. Eccentric billionaire Don Carlos de Besteguy arranged the first grand event for celebrities after WWII. The list of 1,500 invitees included Salvador Dali and Gala, director Orson Wells, Aga Khan III, Barbara Hutton, count Armand La Rochefoucauld, Christian Dior himself, and many others. The costumes were nothing short of fantastic: Chinese emperors, le Roi Soleil, Cleopatra, — the guests splashed out after the austere years of the war.

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