Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s incredible Show went down in the Super Bowl’s history - Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s incredible Show went down in the Super Bowl’s history

Зажигательное выступление Дженнифер Лопес и Шакиры, вошедшее в историю Super Bowl
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Beautiful Lifestyle is happy to share with his readers the long-awaited Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s show during the Super Bowl break. Their 12-minute dual number made a splash with hot dances (which surely included Shakira’s belly dance) and the most famous hits! With this show, two stars made history as the first Hispanic women to headline a Super Bowl halftime performance.

The evening began with Shakira, dressed like other dancers in a dazzling red suit, performing her rousing hit “She Wolf”. Further, the hall was plunged into darkness, from which came the sound of the violin, smoothly passing to another song “Empire”, unexpectedly mixed with” Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin acconmpanied by Shakira’s guitar solo. The singer also performed the breakthrough hit from 2001 “Whenever, Wherever”, “I Like It” with Bad Bunny, another Latin artist, and ended her dance-heavy spectacle with ” Hips Don’t Lie”.

The time to shine came to J. Lo – the star appeared on stage in a leather suit, singing ” Jenny From the Block”,thus effectively taking the torch. Then came the long-awaited #1 hit “Ain’t It Funny”, followed by the 2004 song “Get Right”, where the samples of the radio version were replaced by a real marching band. To perform the song, Lopez changed into a chic Versace bodysuit and appeared spinning on a pole, illuminated by the green colors of a hundred lasers. J. Balvin joined the show, performing “Que Calor”, as well as a mashup of “Mi Gente” and “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. A verse from “Let’s Get Loud” was sung by Lopez’s 11-year-old daughter, Emma. While she was performing, other kids were dancing in illuminated bird cages. Probably, that was a reference to the thousands of children from Latin American countries detained at the border. By the end of her daughter’s performance, Lopez appeared in front of the audience in a feathered cape with the US flag on one side, Puerto Rican on the other, as a reminder that Puerto Ricans are also Americans. She symbolically sang Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U. S. A.”.

The evening ended with the enchanting duet of Shakira and J.Lo with the song ” Waka Waka”, still known since the World Cup 2010.
Earlier in the day, Lopez shared a photo of herself with Shakira on Instagram.

“So excited to share the stage with you tonight Shakira,” the caption read. “Let’s show the world what two little Latin girls can do.”

After such incredible show, there seems to be no more doubts — they are capable of a lot!

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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