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Globus Gourmet: We don’t have clients, only guests

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On May 17 the new premium Globus Gourmet gastronome opened its doors to the guests.

Globus Gourmet is a network of premium gastronomes with a meticulously selected range of products including those made by globally recognized brands and not available anywhere else in Moscow. Lately the network has started cooperating with Russian farmers and manufacturers. The assortment has been complemented by the country’s best produce, dairy, meat, fish, original drinks, honey, northern berries, taiga herbs, and traditional Russian sweets. The network is especially proud of its large selection of own ready food. The menu is balanced so that everyone could find something suitable for any diet or occasion. To ensure quality and freshness the food is prepared on site under the supervision of a chef. Jorge Sevilla, brand chef of the network, loves surprising his guests both by traditional dishes and modern recipes. During the grand opening at Smolensky Mall the chef hosted a masterclass on how to cook a steak with coffee-based demi-glace sauce, a surprising combination every connoisseur would appreciate.

Globus Gourmet gastronomes always boast an elegant design, comfort, and a pleasant atmosphere for perfect shopping. Despite a unified approach to the decoration, each shop has its own unique features.

The shop at Smolensky Mall has several unique features:

  • Café Gourmet that offers both its own dishes and all items available at the shop;
  • SEEFOOD, a bar with a Japanese menu and various seafood delicacies;
  • Wines Deluxe wine room with a cosy area for tasting any sort of wine.
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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