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Europe’s best Christmas markets 2019-2020

Лучшие рождественские ярмарки Европы 2019-2020
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Europe in the glow of holiday lights: Christmas market season is in full swing
Winter travel has its own charm: whether it’s relaxing at the foot of snow-capped mountains or visiting some atmospheric city with its pre-holiday fuss, dancing in the air snowflakes and bright lights. If you’re choosing where to go on a winter weekend, you should definetely consider Europe, which gets even more romantic in the run-up to Christmas.
Christmas markets give joy and festive mood in the city: sparkling, cheerful, with a bouquet of warm smells and a large selection of goodies. Beautiful Lifestyle has chosen the best of the best: the brightest and largest markets in Europe this year.


Germans love to celebrate,
The Germans love celebrations, especially winter ones: in fact, in every city in Germany there is a lush Christmas market worthy of attention. It is very difficult to choose one direction – perhaps this is an occasion to go on an entire tour around the country.

Berlin: the WeihnachtsZauber fair Gendarmenmark

Celebratory tents with shining stars have grown on Gendarmenmarkt Berlin Square. There you can make an order for the manufacture of a Christmas souvenir from local artisans or treat yourself to winter gastronomic joys: gingerbread, puff pastries, baumkuchen and mulled wine (in German gluvaynom). Then you can climb to the roof of the French Cathedral, from the height of which you will assess the scale of the winter fairy tale.

Dates: 25.11.2019-31.12.2019

Берлин, Германия
Berlin: the WeihnachtsZauber fair Gendarmenmark

Cologne: Weihnachtsmarkt am Kölner Dom

Near Cologne Gothic Cathedral thousands of golden lights were lit, creating a starry sky above the fair. Street jugglers and glassblowers create the feeling that you are in the midst of a celebration from a medieval fairy tale. A Christmas choir sings on stage and artists perform. If this seems insufficient to you, then hurry to the Christmas markets: they are scattered throughout the city.

Dates: 11.25.2019 – 12.23.2019

Кёльн, Германия
Cologne: Weihnachtsmarkt am Kölner Dom

Nuremberg: Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt

One of the oldest and most famous markets in the world is located in Nuremberg: it is visited annually by two million people. In the wooden stalls of the “small town of wood and fabric” you will find traditional handmade Christmas decorations. You can eat with Nuremberg sausages and original gingerbread cookies, which were invented here 600 years ago. Well, a trip to the stagecoach (multi-seat carriage) will make an unforgettable visit to the fair. You can dilute the program by visiting churches and museums that invite you to Christmas concerts, tours and exhibitions.

Dates: 11.29.2019 – 12.24.2019

Нюрнберг, Германия
Nuremberg: Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt


Strasbourg: Marchés de Noël

The main Christmas markets in France are not held in Paris at all, but in Strasbourg, to which even the Parisians themselves go. The city has the status of the “capital of Christmas” for a reason: it was here that the first Christmas market in Europe was held. Since then, Strasbourg has kept the bar: literally, the entire ancient town with its narrow streets turns into real fabulous scenery. The scope is impressive: 300 pavilions at 12 venues and 500 various events (live music concerts, exhibitions, shows). And although such attention to Christmas is reflected in its proximity to Germany, the cuisine here, for the most part, tends to be refined French:: cheeses, wine, croissants and foie gras are very popular.

Dates: 22.11.2019 – 30.12.2019

Страсбург, Франция
Strasbourg: Marchés de Noël


Not far from Strasbourg there is a cozy compact town of Kalmar, which, you can say, completely turns into one big Christmas market. It fully expresses the French craving for illumination: the owners compete with each other, who will decorate their home brighter and richer with hundreds of iridescent lights. As a result, the Squid shines so much that it looks literally toy. The city has many restaurants, cafes, wine bars, all attractions are within walking distance. One of the most famous is Little Venice, a quarter with many canals and gingerbread houses built by the water.

Dates: 23.11.2019 – 30.12.2019

Кольмар, Франция
Colmar, France


London: Christmas on Covent Garden

The winter market in London is more modernized. In Hyde Park, in the heart of the city, there are many exciting attractions, including the world’s tallest portable Ferris wheel. There are many ways to succumb to the winter magic: take a ride on the UK’s largest open-air ice rink, then warm up in the “ice bar”, dine at the Cedar & Spruce Bar + Kitchen or sing new year’s singles with friends at Bar Hütte Karoke. And this year in the Park there will also be ice figures-animals in life-size!

Dates: 21.11.2019 – 05.01.2020

Лучшие рождественские ярмарки Европы 2019-2020
London: Christmas on Covent Garden



Another point of Christmas fun is Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. On Christmas, this impressive city takes on a special charm, and there is plenty of entertainment in it. Princes Street has a fair, a Santa Claus house and an amusement park that boasts a 60-meter Star Flyer carousel, Big Wheel ferris wheel and traditional horse-drawn carousels for those who prefer something more relaxing. There is a food market on George street and an oval skating rink on St Andrew square. In the metropolis there is where to have fun for both children and adults: concerts are organized for kids, and nightlife lovers are invited to the Chicago Blues Brothers – Christmas Party. The celebration of Christmas in Scotland traditionally flows into a music festival, so there is an opportunity to cover two big events at once.

Dates: 16.11.2019 – 04.12.2020

Лучшие рождественские ярмарки Европы 2019-2020
Scotland, Edinburgh


Vienna: Wiener Christkindlmarkt

For several years Vienna won the title of the most elegant Christmas city in Europe. The birthplace of the waltz and the Nutcracker at Christmas turns into a Winter Wonderland. The heart of the holiday in Vienna is the Shining Rathausplatz square opposite the Vienna city hall. On the square unfolded one of the most famous Christmas markets “Viennese magic coming.” This is a separate town with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, unusual souvenirs and installations, as well as two large skating rinks. Here are treated to roasted chestnuts and apple strudel. On holidays, the entrance to the Town Hall building is open: it holds classical music concerts and performances for children.

Dates: 15.11.2019 – 26.12.2019

Вена, Австрия
Austria, Vienna


Brussels: Plaisirs d’Hiver, Brussels

Brussels is one of those cities that become most attractive when the temperature in them drops to zero or lower. The Fair “Winter Miracles” takes place on one of the most beautiful squares in Europe – the Grand Place, in the evening they hold a light show, and in the afternoon ride on the ice rink. Christmas in Brussels is primarily a gastronomic paradise: fried snails with a glass of sparkling wine, the famous Belgian waffles and, of course, chocolate. At every step you will be “tempted” by sweets and chocolate fountains – sweet tooth should be mentally prepared.

Dates: 29.11.2019 – 05.01.2019

Брюссель, Бельгия
Brussels: Plaisirs d’Hiver, Brussels


Tallinn: Tallinna Jõuluturg

Northern Christmas has its own charm: juniper smell, authentic dishes and its specific language. The current Tallinn Christmas Market has taken a strong position on the winter map of the world, because in 2019 it was awarded the title of “The Best Christmas Market in Europe”. The fair offers mainly local products: especially stands out the house of small producers Hiiumaa, which presents real gastro-curiosities of this island-chocolate with fish, handmade bread with black currants and much more. Everything else is classic: church choirs, performances by artists, Christmas tree, carousels and so on.

Dates: 24.11.2019 – 06.01.2020

Таллин, Эстония
Tallinn: Tallinna Jõuluturg


Budapest: Adventi Ünnep a Bazilikánál

The main and quite stylish fair of Hungary is near the Basilica of St. Stephen’s Basilica, on which light installations are projected. On the rink there is an opportunity to ride to folk music. But the best part is Hungarian cuisine with special winter salami, fruit brandy-palinka and original strawberry wine. If hot drinks still do not help to warm up-the best in Europe thermal resorts of Budapest are waiting for you.

Dates: 22.11.2019 – 01.01.2020

Лучшие рождественские ярмарки Европы 2019-2020
Budapest: Adventi Ünnep a Bazilikánál


Czech Republic Vánoční trhy na Staroměstském náměstí

The already beautiful city looks simply stunning, dressed in Christmas lights. The indescribable atmosphere of medieval Europe and the scope with which they like to celebrate Christmas here make the fair on the old town square one of the most popular in the world. Prague Christmas market is characterized by chamberness, due to which you can plunge into the Eastern European traditions. Locals prefer to feast on holiday with pancakes with berry sauce, twisted rolls of trdlo, homemade sausages, almonds and mead. In the Czech Republic, spirits and fun are perfectly combined with the Catholic pious component. On the one hand, people like to ride ponies and horses, beer never stops flowing. On the other hand, there are a lot of religious events: for example, a very beautiful open mass on Christmas eve. Santa Claus in the Polish way, St. Mikulas with a cross on his hat, distributes sweets to children who behaved well this year.

Dates: 30.11.2019 – 06.01.2020

Прага, Чехия
Czech Republic Vánoční trhy na Staroměstském náměstí


Stockholm: Stortorgets Julmarknad

Christmas market in the historical atmosphere of the square Stortorget, the oldest Christmas market in Sweden. It’s impossible to leave hungry from here: the phrase “buffet” is especially stable at Christmas. During the holidays, the square serves traditional Christmas dishes: saffron buns, ginger cookies, as well as traditional venison, moose meat and spicy glegs.In the ethnomuseum under the open sky Skansen you will be told how in the old days they baked bread, brewed beer and cooked salted sprat in the heat.

Dates: 23.11.2019 – 23.12.2019

Стокгольм, Швеция
Stockholm: Stortorgets Julmarknad


Copenhagen: Håndlavet JuliTivoli

Tivoli’s historic garden is filled with sparkling Christmas lights, pretty wooden houses decorated with pine branches, and snow-covered trees, creating the perfect atmosphere of a Scandinavian Christmas. Santa Claus and his deer greet guests at a cozy Christmas market, where the main guardian of Christmas shows a workshop on making gifts. The program also includes an impressive projection show on the legendary facade of the concert hall and a fireworks festival. Tivoli Park is famous for its attractions all year round, but on Christmas it becomes just magical: now the fun is set by the Christmas gnomes of Nissi.

Dates: 17.11.2019 – 31.12.2019

Копенгаген, Дания
Copenhagen: Håndlavet JuliTivoli


The festive scale in Wroclaw is known firsthand: the Christmas market occupies several streets and squares. It has everything and more: a bazaar with handicrafts, typical christmas goodies and local natural products. Inside this magical land, the “Fairytale Forest” grew, in which tales are told to children using light and audio installations. There is also a two-story gift factory house in the forest, in which elves work under the supervision of the Polish Santa Claus – St. Nicholas, so that everyone finds a gift under the Christmas tree in the past year. And these are not all magical characters: gnomes guard a house above with an observation deck and a clock tower. The artistic program is rich: magic parade, performances, concerts and Christmas carols will not let you get bored.

Dates: 22.11.2019 – 31.12 2019

Вроцлав, Польша

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Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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