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Luxurious journeys with Louis Vuitton travel guides

Роскошные путешествия с путеводителями Louis Vuitton
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Louis Vuitton unveiled the last edition of its famous travel guides. The brand released a guidebook about the Champagne region.

Louis Vuitton guides have already become a classic: the book series have been released since 1998. The guidebooks by Louis Vuitton are exquisite: bright covers, beautiful photographs, and unique information.

In each guidebook, the experts of art and fashion industries share their favorite places in the city. In each travel guide, there is a unique piece of information about the best Michelin-starred restaurants and marvelous gastro-bistros, luxury hotels, and sights that will even interest the locals. Louis Vuitton guides unveil the hidden gems of every city.

This year, Louis Vuitton has published its city guide of Reims, which is located in the Champagne region. In the city, you can find historical monuments and attractions that are under the protection of UNESCO. In the guide, you can learn not only about the city but also about the Champagne region, which is famous for its winemaking.

Роскошные путешествия с путеводителями Louis Vuitton

The guidebooks are available for purchase on the Louis Vuitton official website or can be downloaded on the App Store.

Author: Anastasia Zhukova


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