Emirates Airlines begins conducting COVID-19 tests for passengers - Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine

Emirates Airlines begins conducting COVID-19 tests for passengers

Emirates начали тестировать пассажиров на COVID-19
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Beautiful Lifestyle is pleased to announce that Emirates Airlines is the first airline to conduct COVID-19 tests for boarding passengers.

Despite many countries having closed their borders, Emirates is operating limited passenger flights to several destinations. To ensure safety, the airline will conduct blood testing to detect the COVID-19 virus. The airline claims that each test result will be ready within ten minutes.

Emirates also tightens safety precautions onboard the aircraft: the passengers are now required to wear protective masks throughout the flight, and all carry-on luggage, except briefcases and small handbags, is not allowed on board.

Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine supports this initiative and values how Emirates Airlines takes care of its passengers. The editors of the magazine hope that the tourism industry will quickly bounce back after the pandemic is over.

Anastasia Zhukova
Anastasia Zhukova
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