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Anna Kanyuk

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Please tell a little bit about yourself.

Oh… It might be a long story.
In a nutshell, i love life.
I love the people around me, my job, healthy and tasty food, music, posting artwork on my Instagram, travelling, and of course, practicing sports !

Please tell us how you started practicing sports and how you came to the idea of starting your own full-scale project.

My life pushed me to both of these things whatever i may sound like. I made my conscious choice of entering a sports college and centering my future occupation on sports which could my favourite activity my actual job. I have dreamed of starting my own business since i was 16 years old. Several years of hard work later my dreams came true.

What are your own secrets of beauty?

I have several. However, at a closer look they aren’t actually secrets. It is a system of workouts, nutritionm and actions which not only helped my lose 12 kilos of weight but also helped thousands of people achieve their results. All of my so-called secrets are listed in my programmes at

Does the stretching routine require any specific diet?

Yes, it does. It requires a balanced diet, cutting down on salt, caffeine, and drinking more water.

What are your secret plans for future?

I plan on developing my projects and myself as well.

What would you recommend to the readers ?

Make conscious decisions and follow them. Our regular actions bring us closer to our goals one step at a time. This works for everybody !

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
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