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Sebastien Gross owns Switzerland’s leading family office

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Thanks to his far-reaching global network of experts the office provides worldwide service. Sebastien’s consulting company offers a wide range of services from issues related to real estate and private aviation to assistance in relocation to Switzerland and drafting all of the necessary documents. Apart from that the office consults the clients on purchase and sale of artworks and jewelry.

Sebastien’s office works on the basis of personal acquaintance only. For the reasons of confidentiality the company does not have a website or any social media accounts.

Sebastien was born in Lausanne and speaks four languages fluently: French, German, English, and Spanish. He says his personal values were fostered by his parents and the social and cultural environment. The cultural background was the key factor for choosing the line of business and developing perfectionism. Sebastien Gross has a vast experience of working for service industry and luxury-related companies.

Contact details:

Address: Boulevard de la Foret 32 Pully CH-1009 Switzerland
Telephone: +41 79 210 5767
Skype : s.gross1

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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