Imperfect but noble: Givenchy haute couture fall-winter 2019/20 - Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine

Imperfect but noble: Givenchy haute couture fall-winter 2019/20

Не идеальная благородная леди: Givenchy haute couture fall-winter 2019/20
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Givenchy staged a show based on historical archetypes. Let’s talk about why feathers are a metaphor.

Noblesse Radicale, couture collection by Claire Wight Keller, turned out both reserved and theatrical. As the designer put it, she was inspired by the image of an anarchic woman pacing through a castle. Despite the noble origins of the show’s protagonist Ms. Keller warned the guests not to think of the heroine as a princess in a fairy tale castle.

The first ones to hit the catwalk were the models wearing black and white tweed dresses with thrum ends and feathers. The show continued with three-dimensional silhouettes filled with feathers, taffeta capes with Turkish ornaments, and long graphic style skirts with lacework, feathers, and paillettes. Male models donned thick jackets with silver embroidery combined with bright-coloured shirts with the ‘Turkish cucumber’ pattern. Besides the colourful couture solutions Givenchy showcased their metaphoric approach and Claire Wight Keller’s successful attempt to level up from the previous show.

The collection showcased two wedding dresses based on the image of a caged bird. Those were a revisited ball dress made of layers of pleated silk and a dress almost entirely draped with long white feathers.

The house also showed large pendant earrings and colourful plastic shoes which will most certainly stay in the trends for several seasons in the nearest future.

Written by Polina Vorobyova
Translated by Tony Savosin

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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