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New Bvlgari Bag for Your Valentine

Новая сумочка Bvlgari для второй половинки на День святого Валентина
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It is hardly a secret that there is never enough bags in a woman’s collection, that is why Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine is offering our male readers the best idea for a February 14 gift.

The usual rush begins ahead of St. Valentine’s Day. Where to book a table? How to arrange the date? There are many questions to answer but the most important of them is, what is the best gift for your loved one? No idea yet? Worry not, we’ve got a gift idea for you. Trust us on this one, no woman in the world will say no to this.

Новая сумочка Bvlgari для второй половинки на День святого Валентина

Bvlgari jewelry house is celebrating the feast with a capsule collection titled Serpenti Forever adorned with dynamic snake-themed motifs. The new bag is available in two colours: crimson with white or marshmallow binding, and snakeskin-textured smoky grey with pink or ruby binding. Each accessory features a snake-shaped zipper hissing with its heart-shaped gold-lined zip pullers. The bags are perfectly combined with the festive cardholder and wallet, both finished in fiery crimson. The accessories make perfect gifts for your loved one. The design blends into the collection: zip pullers are shaped like snakeheads with shimmering scales. The reptile may hyptonise with its black enamel eyes making this gift truly irresistible.

The collection also includes a fine amethyst pink silk scarf with a striking print on it. The accessory is perfect complement for the bag and an elegant detail of the look for a candlelight St. Valentine’s Day dinner.

Written by Elizaveta Khokhlova
Translated by Tony Savosin

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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