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Ode to Women: Mugler spring/summer 2020 collection

Ода женщине: коллекция Mugler весна-осень 2020
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The house brought to Paris Fashion Week a deliberately feminine and erotic Mugler style and made it affordable.

Mugler’s artistic director Casey Cadwallader stayed true to the house’s style and created a spring collection under the inspiration of the iconic works by the founder Thierry Mugler. Now when street fashion is getting increasingly unisex, and body-covering oversized jumpers are becoming the bestselling items Mugler’s style looks unusual at the very least. However, the designer’s revealing solutions looked eccentric even back in the 70’s when fashion trends were mainly focused on futuristic and minimalist silhouettes. Mugler has always been inspired by the beauty of the female body and aggressive eroticism. Hence the complicated corsets, revealing decolletages, almost naked breasts, high boots, and a dominatrix aesthetic.

Thin fabrics to underline the shape, deep cuts, defined waist, and sharp-ended sandals for both male and female models. The only thing Cadwallader stayed away from was the excessive decoration. The author’s style is clearly seen in clear colours, thin lines, and a simple graphical makeup which is not really characteristic for Mugler. The collection’s main modern trend was their models of different age and shapes on the catwalk. Keeping the brand’s iconic DNA Cadwallader made the items affordable.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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