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The Perfection Of A Rose: New lotion of the Dior Prestige line

Совершенство розы: новый лосьон линии Dior Prestige
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Dior Prestige line of skincare products has been expanded by a new supplement with a micro-nutrition effect. La Micro-Huile De Rose has been joined by La Micro-Lotion de Rose also based on Granville rose oil and the enfleurage technique.

New product’s main ingredient is the Granville rose, a unique species bred from the roses that used to grow at the Dior estate in Normandy. The roses that practically grow on rocks were known for their exceptional sturdiness. To decipher the flower’s molecules and put them to use the scientists came up with the following technique: the blooms are frozen and then pressurized with ultrasound to have their cellular membranes broken. Rose oil turns into millions of micron-wide droplets. Then the recipe invented for the Granville rose is applied to other active ingredients in order to preserve their efficiency.

La Micro-Lotion de Rose is meant for mixed and oily skin and has two main properties: the minerals (zinc, copper, and magnesium) clear the skin while the rose oil restores and nurtures it. The product moisturizes the skin, renders it matte, and improves its structure. After the first application pores visibly contract, and inflammations disappear which is especially important during hot and humid weather. The new product aims at becoming a great complement to lines of summer skincare products.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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