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Spaceport city: the concept of the transport hub of the future

Spaceport city: в Японии представили концепцию транспортного хаба будущего
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The Japanese Space Association, together with the architectural bureau Noiz Architects, presented a project of the transport hub of the future.

Architectural studio Noiz Architects presented the project of the Spaceport city transport hub, which will connect transport hubs and space flights. The Japan Space Association took part in developing the transport hub.

The Spaceport city transport hub project is a closed city of the future with its transport system: you can use cars, trains, or electric scooters to get anywhere in Spaceport city. Spaceport City is a complex of several functional spherical volumes that can serve both for commercial space flights and become a venue for conferences aimed at space exploration.

Spaceport city was created using environmentally friendly materials: kinetic solar panels on the roof of the complex help to maintain both small patios and cozy gardens inside the complex and even agricultural land.

The innovative design of the complex has been specially designed in the shape of a disc so it would be visible from a distance.

Anastasia Zhukova
Anastasia Zhukova
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