Asian Faberge at All-Russia Museum Of Decorative, Applied And Folk Art on May 24, 2018 - Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine

Asian Faberge at All-Russia Museum Of Decorative, Applied And Folk Art on May 24, 2018

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Last Thursday, May 24, the All-Russia Museum Of Decorative, Applied And Folk Art hosted the opening of the exhibition and presentation of the book by Lotus Arts De Vivre the founder of which is often referred to as ‘the Asian Faberge’.

The exhibition presented unique sculptures made of precious types of wood and gems, accessories made of coconut shells and corals as well as unique nacre and stingray skin jewels that are rendered even more beautiful by ancient style finishing.

The brand’s history started over 50 years ago when a descendant og German barons Rolf Von Bueren moved to Thailand and opened a workshop hiring the most skillful masters who knew all secrets of applied arts original to Indochina. Today luxury and art objects manufactured by Lotus Arts De Vivre are available at private collections previously or currently owned by Oriental royal families, Elizabeth Taylor, Rudolph Nuriev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Robert De Niro, Penelope Cruz, Hugh Jackman, and many other Hollywood stars. Unique artworks first land at celebrities’ private collections and later make their way to auctions and museums.

The event was attended by special guests including the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand in Russia, Rolf Van Bueren himself, Polina Askeri, Elena Isheyeva, Diana Gianelli, Ekaterina Drobysh, Antonina Klimenko, Yana Lautina, Mila Goncharova-Legrand, Nikita Shevchenko, and many others.The person responsible for the atmosphere at the event was DJ Anton Em.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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