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Faidee & Beautiful Lifestyle magazine private party

презентация летнего номера журнала Beautiful Lifestyle
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On August 6 the summer issue of Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine was presented during the Faidee exhibition of the world’s most precious rubies in Monaco.

The Salle Empire hall of Paris Monte-Carlo hotel brought together the selected people who value the beauty of life and gemstones. The event started with a cocktail party, after that Mr. Ravi Lunia delivered a speech on the history of Faidee house and their unique collection of noble Burmese rubies. The guests then moved from the Empire-styled hall to ancient India where rubies symbolized holy fire, and later proceeded to Mogok valley where the unique crimson rubies are mined. The shade of these gemstones gives them a glow and makes them visible in dim starlight.

Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine’s editor-in-chief Mila Goncharova-Legrand delivered a speech to thank the readers and tell about the magazine’s goals and values and presented a gift that she had brought for world culture and classical art aficionados all the way from Russia.

Faidee & Beautiful Lifestyle magazine private party

The event included a surprise performance by two ballerinas hailing from St. Petersburg, Anastasia and Arina Shevtsova. The young ladies who also DJ’ed the party performed an elegant dance number accompanied by an instrumental composition. Their black velvet and veiling costumes styled after the legendary “Black Swan” were complemented by Faidee necklaces and bracelets. The guests could enjoy the sparkling rubies and diamonds that shone with new shades under every angle of lighting.

The iconic Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo designed by Charles Garnier in 1864 gave a truly royal reception to the guests by offering a fantastic cuisine, rare gems, and ballet which is loved and valued by many European royal families. The hotel’s most famous suite is called “Grace” after the actress Grace Kelly who married the Prince of Monaco Ranier III. Its interior still houses some of the Duchess’s personal belongings. It is solely decorated with the roses bred to honour Grace Kelly.

Salle Empire which housed the Faidee & Beautiful Lifestyle event has always been the most special part of the hotel which was renovated just two years ago. Over a hundred years ago the hall was recognized as a historical monument and Monaco’s national heritage. In the course of the renovation the hall decorations were carefully restored and brought back to the way it looked 150 years ago. Back in 1956 Salle Empire which back then housed a restaurant was the venue for the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier III. Today the hall in its original glory greets its new guests.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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