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IQOS launched a project “True stories” in collaboration with a writer Alexander Tsypkin

IQOS запустил проект «Настоящие истории» совместно с писателем Александром Цыпкиным
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IQOS has launched a project “True Stories” in collaboration with a writer Alexander Tsypkin. 

On the website, every IQOS customer of legal age can tell a story that happened unexpectedly but drastically changed his life. Five winning stories will be turned into movies, and their authors will have the opportunity to take part in the filmmaking.

IQOS запустил проект «Настоящие истории» совместно с писателем Александром Цыпкиным
Alexander Tsypkin

How can you participate in the project?

From March 10 to April 15, IQOS customers of legal age can share the stories that unexpectedly happened to them and completely changed their lives. These are small and big events, casual acquaintances, falling in love, and amazing coincidences that happen in every person’s life.  IQOS believes in the power of true stories. These stories always get a great response, and the films based on real events are usually critically acclaimed.

Who will be judging the project?

The leading expert will be the writer Alexander Tsypkin, the author of bestsellers (more than 200.000 copies have been sold), and the founder of the project “Unprincipled Readings.”

Alexander will take part in all of the project’s phases: from selecting the best stories to writing a script for the movies. 

“Accidents happen in every person’s life. They rarely occur, but still, they often change our lives. In the project “True Stories” we will talk about stories of real people – big and small events, the significance of which is difficult to overestimate, and it is worth making a movie about them,” says Alexander about the project.

The publicist Alena Doletskaya, the writer and journalist Alexander Malenkov, the theater director Talgat Batalov, and the creative director of in Russia Yana Miloradovskaya will be judging the project as well.

The IQOS customers will also vote for the winners. The stories will be published on the website.

Александр Маленков
Alexander Malenkov

What will the winners get?

There will be two groups of finalists: 5 winners chosen by judges and 20 ones chosen by IQOS  customers. The results will be announced on the 25th of April. The winning stories will be turned into scripts for short films created by young directors. Evgeny Stychkin, Anya Chipovskaya, Maxim Matveev, as well as director Rezo Gigineishvili, and co-owner of the 418 intellectual club Nadezhda Obolentseva will take part in the filmmaking process. The premiere will take place in the summer in St. Petersburg.

The style and images of the film characters will be created by a professional team led by stylist and TV presenter Alexander Rogov.

Authors of the 20 best stories, according to IQOS customers, will get access to online writing courses and an invitation to the film premiere along with the 50 most active participants in the project.

* IQOS customers are legal age consumers of nicotine-containing products that would otherwise continue smoking or using other nicotine-containing products.

This material is dedicated to a project intended only for adult IQOS customers. 


Does not exclude risks.

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