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Julia Dilua and the story of Diaghilev’s Russian Seasons and Leon Bakst

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018
A theatrical presentation of the new collection of fur items by Julia Dilua whose story is related to Diaghilev’s Russian Seasons and Leon Bakst took place last Wednesday.

The Julia Dilua show brought over 50 lithographic pictures of costumes and decorations for the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ ballet made by Leon Bakst in the 1920s which had never been seen in Russia before. Exhibition items also included portraits of Anna Pavlova by Serov, Korovin, and Aime Stevens. The event was partnered by Lamborghini Moscow.

The exhibition and the fashion show celebrated Russian and French cultures. The style perfected by Leon Bakst, the artist of fashion and the bourgeois age, namely its luxury, exotic features, and chic, were reflected in Julia Dilua’s new collection. The event breathed theatre: the guests were greeted by a shoe polisher, a courier of French newspapers, a flower girl, and other characters of 1920’a Paris. The immersive performance by Estelle Adoni models clad in fine lingerie gave the night a delicate erotic

The models were dressed as characters of legendary ballet performances clad in fur coats, muffs, and palatines. Following Leon Bakst’s advice to watch theatre performances and not just to listen to them Julia Dilua’s fur clothes are made not just to keep the owner warm but to inspire her just like an artwork would.

The items made of lynx, stoat, zibeline, and mink fur encrusted with Swarowski stones and woven with golden threads took the guests back to the early XX century. The new Lamborghini Urus was showcased for the guests at the entrance to the mansion.

As usual, one of the most exciting events held at a luxurious mansion in Plushikha street in central Moscow attracted many notable guests including Vasily Tsereteli, Ksenia Bezuglova, Lubov Uspenskaya, Nikolas Dadiani, Evgeniya Sherbakova, Ksenia Petrova, Viktoria Berman, Alena Litkovets, Antonina Klimenko, Mikhail Gorevoy, and others. The guests received gifts from City Retreat Club and French-based Barrier group.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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