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Grand Adventure with New Airstream Classic

Прекрасное далеко с новой моделью Airstream Classic
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‘If only I could just drive far away right now’, statistics say this is what 25% of people think upon getting out of bed on a weekday morning. So, what should you do if you heart aches for far-away lands and changes? Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine offers an original idea for hopeless romantics.

The good news is, RV’s are a thing. Good folks of Airstream — a renowned American trailer maker — have revisited an all-time classic to create Airstream Classic Travel Trailer. Only the best traditions remain in this model. The ‘Classic’ part has been used since 1979 to mark Airstream’s top models. If you choose to stay in an RV, make it as comfortable as possible!

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A timeless Classic—modernized. Introducing the all-new Comfort White interior décor for the 2020 #AirstreamClassic. We’ve updated the interior of our flagship model to include: . ✨ Shaker-style cabinet fronts in a white finish lighten and brighten the Classic throughout. . ✨ Dark Corian countertops contrast the white cabinets and bring sophistication and warmth. . ✨ Refined angular gooseneck faucets, a larger kitchen sink and a vessel sink in the lavatory (33FB only) add luxury without sacrificing function. . ✨ Plus, so much more! Visit the link in our profile for the full list of modern touches and updates. It’s more than just a #traveltrailer: this modernized Classic is your #homeonwheels.

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The changes include a detail which the world’s connoisseurs will certainly appreciate. The model now has a wider palette. You can now choose the Comfort White floor plan with tasty Earl Grey or delicious Caffe Latte Ultraleather upholstery. But wait, there’s more. The new interior has improved cupboard fronts made of imported European wood and finished in the shaker style: no frills, just the beauty of minimalism. The white makes the interior visibly more spacious and renders the design less flashy. The handles — accentuated with German brass — make for brilliant finishing touches. Intentionally contrasting dark Corian tabletops decorated with swirl ornaments make the space warmer and more exquisite.

Прекрасное далеко с новой моделью Airstream Classic

The bed in the sleeping compartment is covered with snow-white sheets finished with silver lacework ensuring a comfortable sleep and pleasant mornings. This way, an RV provides a 5-star hotel level of comfort. Chairs in the dining compartment, the jackknife sofa bed and foldable table in the main living compartment are finished in high-quality leather rhombuses giving the interior a consistent style. There is also a secret room to hide the most precious belongings, an ingenious design solution. The dealers will whisper its location into your ear to keep it a secret between you and the manufacturers.

Прекрасное далеко с новой моделью Airstream Classic

The interior has been upgraded with several elements of luxury which do not make the vehicle any less practical. A toilet bowl (available only for 33FB), slim gooseneck corner taps and a large kitchen sink perfectly complement the 2020 Airstream Classic interior.

Прекрасное далеко с новой моделью Airstream Classic

Moreover, the good people of Airstream revamped the intelligent management system providing full control of all of the trailer’s systems, handling of the key functions, and location of the vehicle in any part of the world, all on a single 7-inch screen. The RV may also be monitored via a mobile app. That’s right, the future is now.

Прекрасное далеко с новой моделью Airstream Classic

Now you can safely drive far, far away without worrying if you turned the tap off before leaving. Now you can look if everything is alright by yourself instead calling your relatives in blind panic. There is a chance of starting the day the right way at the right place. Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Written by Elizaveta Khokhlova
Translated by Tony Savosin

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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