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Best online courses for self-development during the quarantine
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Quarantine is a perfect time to catch up on what you have never had time for like learning a new foreign language, developing new skills, or listening to lectures. The Beautiful Lifestyle team has selected the best educational programmes you can go through without leaving your place.

Lectures by the leading universities

As the pandemic grew, many universities switched to the online format. For instance, Edx platform offers various courses by the world’s leading universities including Harvard, Stanford, Brown, and Sorbonne. Most of the lectures are available in English but some of them are read in French, Spanish, and Chinese, with English subtitles.

Coursera also offers lectures by top universities in English and Russian. Please note that Coursera is only available to the students whose educational facilities form part of the partnership programme.


Bauman Moscow State Technical University has partnered with Technopark and Mail.Ru Group to publish free public video lectures for those aspiring to acquire coding skills.

Lectures on coding and improvement of computer skills are available on the Microsoft Virtual Academy website.

Economy and business

Those of you who have always been interested in finding out more about the economy and business should definitely check out the joint programme by Sberbank and Google called Business Class. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, these lectures will help you turn your ideas into business and use the best promotion tools.

Tinkoff Journal offers free classes on the basics of investments. Illustrated lectures provide a detailed explanation on how to create a portfolio and learn the difference between shares and notes.

Art and fashion

Google Arts & Culture offers virtual tours around the world’s top museums and daily articles as well as lectures on the history of arts and fashion.

The Business of Fashion platform offers to teach all fashionistas to create their own brand and explain all secrets behind styling and merchandising.

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At a time of growing uncertainty, with brands shuttering #stores and a record number of people filing for unemployment, London-based designer Charles Jeffrey, founder of #fashion brand Loverboy, emphasises the importance of intimacy and inwardness. “It’s very much about connecting with the customer, or the follower or the fan of the work you’re doing, and being authentic and personal to them,” Jeffrey told Tim Blanks during their conversation on #BoFLIVE last week.⁠ ⁠ During the digital event, Jeffrey went on to consider what the future of #fashionshows might look like. Perhaps designers will approach the catwalk with more humility and less decadence? “One of the benefits of having a brand like Loverboy is the history of the content that we put out,” he said. “We were never known for just doing fashion shows, we always did little films [as well].” The pandemic could, he believes, result in an even greater appreciation of content, concepts and new ideas. “I wonder if this whole [crisis] will make us more mindful and aware of how we’re all equal.” Tune in to the full talk on our latest special edition of the #BoFPodcast. [Link in bio]

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Foreign languages 

The BBC’s YouTube channel titled BBC Learning English has invited native speakers to explain grammar, teach the correct pronunciation, and share their vocabulary so that you can significantly amplify yours.

Goethe Institute’s free educational programme for children titled KINDERUNI offers classes of German and environment in a play form for children between the ages of 8 and 12.


Arzamas Radio offers educational programmes made out of short lectures. The platform teaches world history, Russian history, literature, art, and anthropology.

Hardcore History is a podcast where Dan Carlin examines various historic events. The author spends a whopping 4 to 7 months to garner information for every episode.

The Beautiful Lifestyle team recommends spending your time on quarantine with benefits. Why not do something new and unusual to make yourself happier and, most importantly, healthier?

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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