Futuristic transport: what planes await us in the future - Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine

Futuristic transport: what planes await us in the future

Футуристический транспорт: какие самолеты нас ожидают в будущем
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Beautiful Lifestyle will feature futuristic aircraft concepts that have been developed by international engineering companies.

Everyone has thought at least once about how transport will look like in the future: perhaps many people immediately have images from science fiction films. But since technology is rapidly developing in the modern world, most likely, what was previously only a fantasy will soon become a reality. Many well-known engineering companies have already started developing the high-tech transport of the future.

Beautiful Lifestyle magazine has selected the most fascinating and innovative aircraft concepts.

1. IXION Windowless Jet

Technicon Design has developed a concept for a business jet that will have no portholes. Instead of them, there will be interactive panels installed in the cabin, on which passengers can watch the view from the aircraft cameras. Also, during long flights, there will be projections of the jungle or space to create a calming atmosphere.

2. Airbus Maverick

Airbus presented the concept of an innovative aircraft that has an unusual design: the aircraft is made in the form of a large wing. This design allows to reduce fuel consumption by 20%, as well as to increase the capacity onboard the jet. There will not be any portholes in the aircraft. Instead, there will be screens installed for passengers in the cabin.

3. HerO Zero Emission Airplane

Designer Joe Doucet has created the concept of an electric plane. The main difference between this aircraft and others is that its engines do not emit emissions into the environment: the model is equipped with electric propellers. Many aviation companies have already approached the developer of the idea because the subject of environmental friendliness of aircraft is an acute issue on the agenda.

4. Alice Electric Plane

The Alice electric plane was developed by the Israeli company Eviation Aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with batteries that allow short inter-regional flights. At the moment, Eviation Aircraft is conducting ground tests to begin selling the Alice in 2022.

5. Transonic Truss-Braced Wing

Boeing has unveiled an ultra-thin, light-wing jet concept that will enable the aircraft to fly with reduced fuel consumption. The aircraft was developed as part of a partnership program with NASA. The Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research program aims to reduce the negative impact of aircraft on the environment.

6. Business Jet Skyline

The concept of a supersonic business jet has been developed for intercontinental flights. A distinctive feature of the aircraft is its ability to change the geometry of the wing, which allows it to adjust the speed. The cockpit has panoramic glazing made of transparent polymer materials.

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Anastasia Zhukova
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