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The opening of the Krasota restaurant took place in Moscow

В Москве прошло открытие ресторана Krasota
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A unique restaurant Krasota has opened in Moscow.

Every year it becomes difficult to impress the Moscow public with new gastronomic places. However, the new White Rabbit Family project has succeeded. On December 6, a new immersive restaurant Krasota opened in Romanovsky Lane.

The first gastro theater in Russia has already managed to captivate the audience with its unique concept. Space is divided into two parts: a restaurant for 30 customers and a theater area for 20 people.

While visiting the gastro theatre, guests can simultaneously enjoy both a tasting menu and the stunning interactive visual performance.

The concept of the restaurant was invented by Boris Zarkov, the famous chef Vladimir Mukhin is responsible for gastronomy, and Natalia Belonogova designed the interior.

Some celebrities have already appreciated the new place.

The restaurant will open its doors to visitors on December 15, and tickets for the gastro performance can be purchased today. But we advise you to hurry: tickets for the performances in December are already sold out.

Anastasia Zhukova
Anastasia Zhukova
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