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6 factors to consider when choosing a female jewelry as a gift

6 важных факторов, которые следует учитывать при выборе женского украшения в подарок
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If you are thinking about buying jewelry as a gift to your beloved woman, mother, sister, or colleague, then you need to know how to choose it right.

If you do not take into account several essential factors, then there is a chance that your gift will not be appreciated. As a result, you risk wasting money and being disappointed.

In the article, you will learn the main factors that you need to bear in mind while deciding to buy a woman’s jewelry as a gift, so it turns out to be a pleasant surprise.


The right jewelry can complement your best features and also soften any harsher characteristics.

Сережки геометрической формы – хороший выбор для женщин с круглым лицом

Women who have fair skin tone, blue or green eyes, should wear jewelry made of silver or pink gold. Also, pieces with red, purple, and blue jewels look beautiful on them. Gold jewelry with gems of warm colors suits people with tan skin tone.

Long-chain necklaces, geometric earrings are an excellent choice for a woman with a round face. For those who have a square face, it is better to choose pendants and hoop earrings, while almost any jewelry is suitable for women with an oval face. To make a triangular face look longer, choose large earrings, but you should not buy earrings that narrow down at the end. For fragile girls, buy elegant, delicate pieces, and for ladies wearing plus-size, large jewelry is suitable.


Feel free to experiment while choosing a gift for a young lady. The right choice will be the bright jewelry made by modern designers. Try thinking of jewelry that is conceptual and meaningful. Young girls also like wearing phalanx rings that they can wear on several fingers at the same time. While picking earrings for young women, you may take a risk and purchase large dangle earrings, although it is necessary to take the style into account, which we will discuss later on.

6 важных факторов, которые следует учитывать при выборе женского украшения в подарок

If the gift is intended for women over the age of 40, then you should choose either classic jewelry (for example, a pearl necklace) or exquisite, expensive designs if your budget can afford it. At this age, women often like wearing sets and jewelry with natural stones. While choosing earrings, it is better to pick small earrings, because, at a certain age, long and heavy earrings may look unattractive due to changes in skin elasticity.


While preparing a gift, it is necessary to take the woman’s style into account. You should familiarize yourself with what jewelry she selects while creating a look, and which one she never wears. If she usually wears business suits and mostly chooses pale colors, then extravagant jewelry will not be a great gift. Think of selecting a small round pendant, stud earrings, a classic watch, or a thin bracelet.

If a woman prefers wearing ethnic style, then she will be delighted with any boho style jewelry. Try matching the jewelry with her personal color palette. If a woman likes colorful outfits, then you can pick her a piece of bright jewelry that will complete one of her looks. Punk necklaces or chokers will delight those who like rock style.

6 важных факторов, которые следует учитывать при выборе женского украшения в подарок


If you follow the fashion trends, it will be easier to choose jewelry as a gift for a fashionista. Some jewelry styles have been trending for many years. Multi-strand ethnic-style necklaces, sets of phalanx rings, using natural stones and materials in jewelry are still popular. Pearl jewelry and hoop earrings are considered classic.

Украшения из жемчуга считаются классикой

Today, fashionistas often choose jewelry made of colored enamel, which can be easily combined with clothes of different colors. Modern designers love using coins to create necklaces that suit those who prefer a bohemian style. Non-standard, attention-grabbing jewelry is frequently seen on the runway. Handmade jewelry will be a great choice when it comes to picking jewelry as a gift since, in this case, a woman will receive not only a beautiful but also a unique piece of jewelry.

Allergies to metal

Before making the final decision on buying jewelry as a gift, you need to make sure that the woman is not allergic to any kind of metal. Sometimes people can get sore ears from heavy earrings, in other cases, the skin changes color or become itchy. The reasons may be different because people can have allergic reactions to any metal, so it is better to find it out in advance.

Ювелирный бренд Messika

It is better to buy jewelry that does not contain nickel since many people are allergic to this metal. Instead, try choosing sterling silver or gold. If you suspect that the donee may have allergies, try making an exchange or even return the gift to the store within a certain number of days.

The size

It is always hard to pick the right size, especially while buying a ring for another person. If you can’t compare the ring you have chosen with the ones that already belong to the woman, your only choice is to guess the size. In this instance, it is better to purchase the ring in the stores that can change the size of the jewelry if necessary. Or you can pick a ring that can be resized. When choosing bracelets, you can also be guided by this principle.

It is much easier to pick a necklace or earrings. Try picking delicate necklaces, approximately up to 30 cm long, for slim and graceful girls. Choose an adjustable cord or rope necklaces. If the piece of jewelry is custom made, then think carefully of the right size. In this instance, there is usually no return policy.

Валери Мессика представила коллекцию для Дня святого Валентина

Summing up, while purchasing a gift for women take into account the following criteria.

Women with pale skin and light-colored eyes should wear jewelry made of silver and pink gold, the ones with tan skin should consider golden jewelry.

Take the age into account while choosing the gift. Young women can wear modern, unusual jewelry, and older ladies mostly prefer classics. You should not forget about fashion trends and the personal style of the donee.

Find out about allergies in advance, and ask the store about the return policy. If you do not want to make a mistake with the size of the ring, choose the designs that can be resized, or, in advance, find out the exact girth in mm.

Think of this information while shopping for jewelry.

Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine
Editor Beautiful Lifestyle Magazine


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